Leadership and Change.


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Leadership and Change.

For me change is an important if you want to achieve your goals in your life you must change your self-according to the situation to have a change in your life means to learn something new and different. But not everyone like change the reason for this might be they think that it is not important to change, or they be afraid to change in their habits or maybe they think if they change they might lose their freedom (Mullins, 2016)

'There's talk of innovation out here. Winds of change are headed your way. Lock your door, pull the shades and hide under your desk.'

Change Management Model for the Managers

To help in understanding the Process of change Kurt Lewin discover the change model that involves three steps. Unfreezing Changing and refreezing (Gary Yukl, 2013).unfreezing is the first step of the model and this is the stage where resistance is very high it is the responsibility of the manager to reduce the resistance to change.2nd phase is the change or melting phase now the people has been unfreeze they will start to move it is the leaser or manager’ s responsibility to support the change. However, if leader or manager resist to adopt the change this third step would be difficult or refreezing would be difficult (Gary Yukl, 2013)

This model of Lewin for change process best fits for transactional leadership styles whose focus is on day to day progress towards their goal whereas in transformational leadership leader don’t need clear process of change in achieving their goals (Mullins, 2016)

lewins-model chnge 2

There is high compition due to the development of technology one should need to be change in order to survive in the market. However, change is considering not good by some employees because they have fear to change and change make them uncomfortable.


Ricardo Selmer is a very good example although company was performing well but Ricardo know that has to be change in order to be on top in uncertain conditions (Maddux, 2014)

Second example that comes in my mind is of Nokia when I phone came into the market in 2007 this was the time for the CEO Stephen Elope to change but they were resistant to change and what happens? It fails in September 2013 (Nokia, 2013).


(Adobe, 2017)

The lawin model discussed above is only worthwhile if company really need to change and has a clear goal towards their mission. The change is the difficult part but it could be easier if we follow the democratic leadership style as Ricardo Selmer did (Revolutionary Model for Leadership, 2014)


Regardless of the Process of change I would recommend to the Managers to communicate clearly with your sub ordinates and have your clear vision of goal. (Francke.A, 2017).

For example, Ricardo already knew that change is required and have a clear vision towards his goal. His interaction with the subordinates was very clear he used his employee full engagement towards the goal which help him in changing the structure of an organization this was democratic leadership. (Maddux, 2014).


To conclude I would end my debate saying that the I am in favour of the change and is very important for any organization being a leader one should have a clear goal towards their vision and should have transparent communication with employees.

The organizations or leaders resist to change they fail like if we see the Kodak. When technology changes people shifted from cameras to digital and then to smart phone but kodak totally missed that which in results kodak fails in the market. (Scott Anthony, 2016)














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Leadership Concept:

1.0 Leadership Concept:

During the term, we cover different case studies, books to understand Leadership? Class discussions as well have the strong impact on understanding effective Leadership. In this Blog, I will explain my perspective of the leadership and what type of leader I want to be in my future Well, I think Leadership is an Art.How to influence your surrounding’s individuals as well as your business environment you are working in.Some leaders are good and have a positive impact on their subordinates where some are not so good handling the same situation.Good leaders have their clear goals and he knows why his goals are important.Their behavior in the team is very high. (seyyed Babak Alvi & Carol gill, 2016)


The leader who can motivate their subordinates to work together in order to achieve goals is an effective leader. (Michael, B. and Lochrie, R.J., 2010)

blog 5 pic 1

Figure 1.0  (yourstory.com, 2016)



2.0 What type of leader do I want to be?

During my term two I had been working on to develop my own leadership style and for this questions arise in my mind are What do I need to be a good leader?What will make me the best leader?and what are my strengths?And the Answers to these question I found in my class seminar activities and feedback from my colleagues.As I was a leader for the 2nd week I was the autocratic leader I was more manager than a leader but this technique was not good at all in managing a diverse team my colleagues gave me feedback to me which helps me a lot to understand that democratic leadership is better than the autocratic style.and I will defiantly go for democratic leadership style I try to adapt democratic leadership style when I become second time leader which I found most effective and work was more productive as compared to the last one.

Another real example of a democratic leader for me is my Teacher Dr. Gratien David Pillai.I learned a lot from him he knows how to motivate his team members and identifies the strength of his team members.when I start the module I was shy and not open to speaking my thoughts but he gave me the confidence to speak and motivate to share my thoughts.

The leader Idealized as a democratic leader is Ricardo Semlors owner of Semco international. I like the way he trusts in his staff under his leadership style there was two shift for work.He told his employee to decide their salary. (Revolutionary Model for Leadership, 2014)teacher

Figure 1.1 Coventry University London.

3.0 How Ready am I to lead others?

Leadership can be a very hard thing when we are going to lead others who are new to us. When stepping into a leadership role you should ask yourself

  • Are people going to listen to me?
  • How can I know whether I am ready to lead or not? ( Josh Pezold, 2016)


Figure 1.2 (Leader in me)



To be a leader I should have to develop some signs in me which include :

ready to lead.png

Figure 1.3 Ready to lead

3.1Before being heard Listen First.

However, speaking is an essential for leadership, but I will not able to lead unless I am not ready to listen before being heard. If I spend more time in listening and observing than speaking I will ready to become a good leader and I applied the same approach when I was leader in my class after getting feed back.


Figure 1.4 (Dr. Ken Baker, 2017)

3.2 Care about your mission.

It is very important being a leader to identify your goal and should be stick towards goal.That’s what I learned during my seminar lectures group discussions every week and class participations.

“ So the question you must ask is… Do I care about the mission enough to sacrifice for it? If you can answer yes, then you won’t be surprised when leadership demands more of you”


Figure 1.5 Goals of leadership

3.3 Be ready to learn more as compare to teach.

It is the leaders’ role to help their teammates to understand their strength and this will only be happening if the leader is willing to learn from them and listen to them. ( Josh Pezold, 2016).and when I apply this approach I found my teammates are listening me and are willing to work for a single goal


3.4 Love your Team.

And last but not the least is loving your team and respecting your team members. Some leaders love their team but some love the position that team members give him. During my last job I attended the training session on leading through change and for me it is important to love your team appreciate what they did well recognize them for good work that what I want from my leader to be an effective worker and that’s what I will do when I lead.

leading through chnge.jpg

Figure 1.6  Leading through Change




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All are managers are a leader? The answer to this question would be no not all managers are in fact leaders.A manager is a person in an organization who is responsible for carrying four functions of management in an organization.which includes Planning, the Organizing, Leading and Controlling one of the functions of managers is leadership so it might assume that all managers could be Leaders Yes all Managers could be leaders IF they effectively carry their leadership responsibility to Communicate, Motivate, Inspire and encourage employee towards the productivity.However not all managers are leaders because not all managers follow the leadership qualities listed above, figure 1.0 better illustrates the role of managers and leader (Yukl .G, 2010).

managment vs leader

Figure 1.0 Leader VS Manager

Leadership VS Management is the all-time favorite debate for me.In this blog, I will try to answer ‘’Which Personal style should Managers adapt to ensure success?And which is most effective approach use by the managers to manage the work of their subordinates?

According to Buckingham article What great Managers do? He said that Leader can only succeed if he cut the differences of color race etc, whereas a manager can be successful if he identifies the differences among the People and challenges each employee to be excel in his job? (Bukingham, 2005).Greate Managers use these three tactics to ensure success

  • Identifies the employee’s strength.
  • Know how to triggers the each employee’s strength.
  • And Proper Coaching for unique learnings(Bukingham, 2005).

 good managers

Figure 2.0 (Assesment, 2017)


To have clearer picture about leadership and management lets focus what CMI 2013 survey tells?

It tells how managers at their work Plane and organize in order to achieve goal.According to Rensis likert research at the University of Michigan in 1950’s ,He identifies 4 Management models.

  1. Exploitative
  2. Benevolent
  3. Consultative
  4. Participative


Research suggested that consultative and participative approach are effective (CMI, 2013).But I do not agree with this completely for example if we think of a big financial sector like HSBC what happens if we applied a participative approach having fully trust on the subordinates and leave decision making and setting goal power to them?so the shortcoming of the survey was that it does not mention the circumstances for each approach.i belong to high context culture and I think in my country Exploitative approach will be best as I work in bank for four years and I had practically seen that no one is going to work unless they have fear of Punishment.so I think these models can vary from organization to organization and culture to culture,And person to person as well some can work under preasure while some cannot.pk cultures


Figure 3.0  Management Styles

Furthermore I would like to mention two leaders that fits my idea will be Marcus bukingham who says indentifies the strength,and know how to use them and select a proper coaching style keeping in mind the persons’s ability and cultural context.And second would be Booker T. washigton who said ‘’ There are two ways of exerting one’s strength one is pushing down and the other is pulling up’’

At work do you have opportunity to work good?or how many times you see you are using your 100% strength?it all depends on the managers or leader under whom we are working if you use 100% of your strength you will be more profitable.i would prefer to work under such manager who knows my strength and capitalize on it.


In order to Achieve goals it is imp to understand both the management and leadership.

Different leaders use different styles of leadership influencing subordinates depends on the situations.different styles can include , coaching,affiliative,democratic,commanding,pacesetting, and Visionary.Democratic leadership often called Participative leadership in which leader has full trust on his subordinates and take their ideas into consideration and allow them in setting up goals.this style of leader ship has been following by modern organizations (Cohen, W.A., 2009)


FIGURE 4.0 Leader ship styles



For Managers it is important to become active showing verstalitiy and do things according to the situations rather then using one specific leadership style,also managers and leader have to develop strong communication with their subordinates.focus on training sessions to increase Productivity (Drucker P.F, 2008)

Managers and leader could use all the approaches like Exploitative,BenevolentConsultative and Participative where needed not stick to one single approach (CMI, 2013) .






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Diversity in team:

People are different and they have different qualities.However organization still treat all people in the same way.Here living in london every organization is going fronted with differences.Diversity managment is all about getting benefit from differences like gender,education,colour,culture and thoughts.diverse-team1

My experience of Managing Diverse Team:

well i think managing a diverse team in an appropriate manner is a key to success.its not as easy as it seems to be when it comes to real life experience it is very hard to deal with people of different language,cultures and thoughts.we had given a group course work for term 2 in the university i took the initiative to be a team leader for this group work.initialy it was very hard to combine all my team members and get the work done.Language i think was a big barrier as english is not the native language so some times it become difficult to communicate efficiently.Keeping in mind the example of Grethe Van Geffen in his book named Making The differences. Managing a diverse team is like making old fashion hotchpotch there are many different ingredients matched together the particular taste of every ingredient is disappearing. It is difficult to recognize that ingredient today people want to be recognized with their own identity they don’t want to be matched together better way of preparing diversity food is a salad.

In salad ingredients are not matched together still they are mixed together with better taste. They keep their identity to create better taste. (Grethe, 2010)


Figure 2.0 (pinterest.com, 2017)

Follow the above example I did the same give my team members appreciation for their work and leave the decision on them which parts they can do well for the course work as we were a diverse team with different mindsets everyone has the unique idea for the work.sharing our thoughts and getting work done in a timely manner was the big achievement for us being in the diverse team.




Team Building:

For building a good team Buckingham theory says that find the strength of the individuals, and what triggers to activate those strength also identifies the learning or adopting style for each individual in your team. In his article, he also addresses what great managers do? He said they Play chess whereas average managers play checkers. In checkers, all pieces move in the same way, they move in the parallel path with the same speed but in chess, each piece has different move and we cannot play chess unless we don’t know each piece move. So if we don’t know how to benefit from the diverse team we cannot be a great manager. (Bukingham, 2005)


Figure 3.0 Belbin’s Team Roles




Negative attitude of the people, communication gap, time differences and different cultures could be a key challenge for managing diverse team, Also establishing and managing a diverse team could be challenging e.g. Individuals that are not taking diversity plan serious are usually the big challenge for the managers who deals the diverse team this negative attitude can affect the productivity of the company. (Janise R W, et al., 1997)


Figure 4.0 (Pulse, 2017)



Cultural Differences is when experienced a different way of life, Person may feel confusion or disorientation, and it could be the biggest challenge for the diverse team. (Robert T. Moran, et al., 2014).Although managing a diverse team is very challenging for the Managers but still, have a Positive impact on the business in real life (Gary Yukl, 2013).HSBC diversity ambition is to focus on attracting, developing and retaining the talent that reflects their customers they are building diverse Team across the world to drive innovation and to grow markets (HSBC, 2016).


  • As it is 21 century and competition is too high so the role of managers has become more challenging they should be more effective. They know how to identify the strength of individuals and capitalize on it as Michelle Miller Manager of Walgreen store did in the Article what great managers do. (Bukingham, 2005)
  • It is important for the managers to know each employee learning styles and trained them accordingly in order to have maximum benefit from your team. (Bukingham, 2005)
  • Everyone in the organization should be treated as an individual. (Grethe, 2010)



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Ethical Leader ship



To understand ethical leadership it is important to know first what Ethics is. The answer to that is the moral principle that affects how to make the decision which has a good impact on society and individuals. It includes how to live a better life? What are out rights and responsibilities? (BBC, 2014) And the 2nd question what leadership is? The answer is the ability to lead the group of people by influencing them to understand what’s need to be done is known as leadership. (Mullins, 2016) So the Ethical Leadership is as the name indicates the leadership where there is respect for ethical values and beliefs. An Ethical Leader is trustworthy, respectful, Responsible, Fair, Caring and Community oriented. (N, et al., 2007)


Figure 1: Cybermedia 2014



Ethics two Principle theories are Deontology and Teleological  Deontological theory of Ethics says that the weather the action is right or wrong under the set of rules. We can call it duty or Obligation. Under the deontological theory the decision made must be based on moral principles regardless of the end results (Hooker, 2012).Whereas Teleological ethics theory states that while making the decision leader should focus on the end results.weather it should have a positive or negative impact on the organization or individuals. (Shihadeh, 2005)

For instance, imagine you run a company in the poor country and a child comes for the job. Following deontological theory, I will not give him a job because child labor is wrong. But if I think in another way I would look if giving him a job is a good or bad impact on him, he might starve or go for bad option (e.g prostitution) so it’s better to give him a job.


Figure 2 Cyber Media



Well, I personally think both theories has to be implemented where needed it is not necessary to implement always deontological theory sometimes change is better. My last job was at the bank where I was relationship and marketing Manager in the city Area and my friend was in the Cantt area.My boss was very flexible and he knows how to control the team he was not bossy at all he knows all team member strength and rely on it to capitalize it.For me he was an Ethical leader he was a trustworthy and was very honest towards his work.He has a respect for all the team members and cares for them . Whereas the boss at the cantt side always follows the deontological theories and was a strict boss. By the year end, our team made the profit for the bank was 300million and the other team made the profit for the bank was 250million.


Figure 3   United Bank Limited Pakistan



The concept of Ethical leadership in many Organizations has been developing to improve managerial abilities for an affective organization. so the 4V model developed by Dr.Bill grace shows all the aspect of Ethical Leadership. It Has 4 V’s  e.g. Values, Vision, Voice and Virtue. (Leadership, 2014).Values is an important Part of the 4V model one must have to recognize his core values to develop a vision.2ndly Vision is the capability how to build the actions for your team or Organization, 3rd is Voice which is hinged with the vision to motivate the action in an Organization and 4th is Virtue which means that we become what we Practise. (MindTools, 2017)


Figure 4    (Leadership, 2014)

 Learned how William shaped a path for Recovery.He identified his employees strength and values and create a good communication level between the management and employees.Also he sets his vision very cleverly by understanding the current customers from small business to large one.Ibeieve he was a good Ethical Leader and made a virtual team by saying that every one in his team is a leader and made the best employee engagement.The company made the revenue of 27.6 billion $ in 2007.



At the end I would conclude that for an Ethical Leadershipit is important to understand core values and the strength of the team.Leader in both the examples above were responsible and active towards their work.Leader or Manager should be more ethical and responsible which is very important for the effectiveness of the organization.

WEEK 9 and 10

My priorities for term 2

I was the late enrollment for the MBA global Finacial services.I found difficulties at the start for e.g. how to write the report how to collect the data for the report.Referencing and paraphrasing were a nightmare for me but APS module has got all the methods for my difficulties here I learned my presentation skills, writing skills, data collection skills.

I overcome all my difficulties I am clear on my priorities for next term.It is very important to start your assessment assignment timely and start research about the data so definitely in next term I will start all my work on assessments from the very start I will develop my reading skills for more and more reading for my critical thinking.My mostly focus will be on evaluating things critically and will try to use more authentics journals books and websites for my assessments.

Furthermore, interaction with the teachers and students are very useful so in my next term I will try to interact more and learn more.My target for the next term will be distinction marks in my all assessments and for this, i will work hard.



Week 7 and 8

My experience for my Presentation


These two weeks were about the Bloomberg trading game and presentation about our trading.it was very interesting for me to use Bloomberg trading software for the first time and I find it very interesting.This game gave me a lot of information about the stock exchange market and about the FTSE 100.we divide the work between us to find the data about the company and find out the research where to invest.although time was short for the trading game but we still accept the challenge and try to use short time strategies for investing in.we were no too bad we made money at the end of the game.

As we already learned about the presentation skills in the previous weeks it was not too much difficult for us to made the presentation about the Bloomberg game.the research we have already taken for the Bloomberg trading we put all together in the slides and also we mention our mistakes where we go wrong and where we could be better.

Overall it was a good experience for us we did our presentation in front of four different departments and rehearse many many times to do not lose confidence during the presentation we dressed up very professionally.we tried to do not loose out eye contact with the audience and make our presentation easy and effective for understandings because our audience were not the finance group they were from the different departments, and at the end feedback from the audience were good for us.

Week  5 and 6

My experience for collecting and analyzing data:


These two weeks were based on learning about the team working and presentation skills. Here I learned how to be a good team? We must learn about the forming, storming, norming and performing techniques. We should have good communication skills and every member of the group should be responsive towards their tasks. We had different communication ways to communicate with each other we went to the restaurants to discuss our ideas also we made an APS group on facebook to share our ideas about our work.For a good team it is important to have a good team leader and for me, my team leader was supportive during the Bloomberg trading game and for my presentation

Then comes the 6 week it was about the presentation skills. Carol tee being very supportive in teaching us presentation skills she shared thoughts about her presentation which was very useful to me. I learned how to make our presentation effective and what type of colors, Fonts layouts to use in our presentation. For an effective presentation, I must have an idea about my objective in the presentation what will be my material for it and who will be my audience I am going to present.

For a good presentation it is very important to do not loose the confidence during the presentation and this comes only from the rehearsals.The tutor also gave us knowledge about how to dress up for the presentation for me it was the great experience to dress up professionally and present.

WEEK 1 and 2

Learning through  Skills Audit and PDP


It was the great experience for me to come and study Overseas. Especially if someone wants to start his career in finance UK is the business hub. I learn a lot in my week one and week two. Teacher Carol Tee divided us in a group to work it was difficult for me at the start because I came from different country and they came from different. So it was a communication gap between us although we were using the English language to communicate but still, it was not easy to interact with them. But with the passage of time, it seems easy to me communication skill is developing between us.

Group work is an essential element that provides you to develop your communication skills,  Problem-solving, and Analytical skills in you. Here in the group, I learnt how one can be responsive toward his/her work or goal set by the group because if one does not work the whole group can be affected. Students from the different countries and background made the group diverse which help a lot because they share different ideas and method which help us in writing the assignments and Presentations.

Furthermore, I experienced the pleasure of learning new things from the others. I learned how to adapt requirements of my institution how to be obedient toward the rules and code of conduct. It been a good time for me at the start to learn so many things like time management, cultural sensitivity, and data handling.

WEEK 3 and 4

My experience for research Writing:


In this weeks we have to submit our research work we were already divided into the groups so we decided to plan our research data my team members were very good and cooperative. We divide the work among us and select the company for our research. It was my first time working on some research data it was difficult for me to collect the data from the different sources and cite them. so initially it was important for me to understand the format for collection of data citing them and reference them.

The library staff being very helpful for me who guides me how to use locate and access different books and journals for the data collection. Also, my university moodle account was being very beneficial for me. it has a lot of information, videos and knowledge cast lectures were very helpful throughout the semester.when I learned all these about the collection of the data from the internet, locate and from my moodle the works seems very interested to me and I starting working on my second assignment.

Here in these two weeks I also found which resources for the background research are good and these were;

  1. Journal articles
  2. Textbooks
  3. Websites
  4. Newspapers

Our module tutor being very helpful for us to learn how to make the research report which also helps us in other modules assignments. It was a good experience for me to learn new things.we did a good research on BP company and complete it before the last date.